Dry Cleaners Committed to Customer Satisfaction

National Laundry and Dry Cleaning is committed to providing our customers with the very best in laundry care. From our clean and crisp services to fluff and fold as well as our commercial and easy pickup and delivery options, you can be sure that your laundry items will be handled in a delicate and timely manner. We understand that our customers have individual needs and that’s why we offer so many outstanding services to keep them happy, providing them with clean laundry and peace of mind. Contact Us for a custom quote today.

Crisp Dry Cleaning for a variety of items

Handled with Care and Respect

We go to great lengths to ensure that your items are handled with care and respect and our dry cleaning services are tailored to your individual needs. National Laundry and Dry Cleaning offers the following services:

pick up delivery laundry dry cleaning san diego

Time is always of the essence and to accommodate our clients, we are proud to offer an industry-leading 60-minute wash and dry cycle as well as fast, 24-hour turnaround service for most laundry items. In addition, we can pick up your laundry and deliver it once it’s done, making having to do your laundry as easy and convenient as it gets!

We are also environmentally-conscious. Proud to be eco-friendly and GREEN, our philosophy is reflected in everything from our state-of-the art energy-efficient washers and dryers, to our 99.8% efficient water heating system, to our 100% natural laundry detergents and softeners.

Discover National Laundry and Dry Cleaning and discover the difference. With an array of dry cleaning options providing unmatched services, we are much more than a simple laundromat; we are true full-service dry cleaners in every sense of the word!